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Carbon C6

The company “CARBON C6” Ltd. supply all kinds of graphite, electro-graphite and metal-graphite brushes that are used for all electric motors, generators, turbine generators for nuclear, hydro and thermal power plants, mining, shipbuilding industry, railway industry, paper industry, cement industry, the production of plastics machinery industry, glass industry, metallurgical industry, port facilities and ships, manufacturing of cables and wires, diesel and electric forklifts, electric tools and electric appliances and many others.

“CARBON C6” Ltd.. Dimitrovgrad also delivers brush holders and any possible design according to your drawings or samples, sealing rings of carbon / graphite components for pumps, axial airtight rotating rings, used in abrasive and corrosive environments. Also camps: Carbon / Graphite and without cylindrical component / nest. As graphite technology and machines for specific processes with high temperatures above 1000 C (Celsius). Long experience and high technological equipment of world famous companies that have contractual relationships. “Carbon C6” allows us to deliver to the customer in a very short time needed graphite components with good payment terms and the opportunity to a variety of best, qualitatively material to follow the latest technological solutions and deliver products with extreme precision to make sure the safe operation and good graphite components.


We emphasize quality and service to our customers.

“Carbon C6” Ltd. is always there for you, for your needs graphite brushes and brush holders.

TRUST is important to us.

“CARBON C6” Ltd.



For more information do not hesitate to contact us: + 359 886 51 52 53


    Respectfully yours:
    Pavel Dimitrov

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